Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bridget's Story - an enticing introduction to the Keith R. Baker's bestselling Longshot series

 A few weeks ago I had the privilege of interviewing the author of the bestselling Longshot series. I am passionate about Irish and Irish-American history, so the premise of the prequel captivated him. Bridget's story is very illustrative and typical in a sense that many first-generation Irish Americans were ambivalent about clinging to their Celtic roots at a time when integration into the Anglo-Dutch dominated mainstream afforded them certain privileges and opportunities. Even though Bridget's life started with a tragedy, with her short-lived first marriage ended abruptly when her young husband is killed in a mining accident (must be #1 on the list of potential causes of death for the Irish), she goes on to form a successful second marriage with Rob Finn. A young widow with a child from the first marriage would make an easy target for unscrupulous characters, yet Bridget was able to bounce back against the odds. She goes on to have a large family with her new husband. But their idyllic domestic life is interrupted by the Civil War. Despite the very real threat of becoming widowed again, now with multiple children, Bridget puts her husband's duty-motivated decision to enlist above her own fears. The novella is only 30 pages long, but the author manages to lay the foundation for his thrilling series. Bridget's Story ends with a cliffhanger. There are so many unanswered questions that will make you want to pick up the first book in the series. The author establishes Bridget as a sympathetic heroine and instantly wins the readers' solidarity.

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