Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hopatcong Vision Quest - Steve Lindahl's mystical thriller

Fall is a great time to curl up with a multi-layered mystical thriller. I am pleased to announce the release of Steve Lindahl's latest release Hopatcong Vision Quest. I have been a fan of Lindahl's multi-layered thrillers, and his latest certainly doesn't let you down. His theatrical background shines through in his work. In his latest psycho-mystical thriller Hopatcong Vision Quest, Steve Lindahl continues to explore the raw subjects of emotional trauma, denial and seeking refuge in the supernatural. The author's prose bears the Gothic elements of Faulkner, while his cinematic vision reveals influences by David Lynch. Hopatcong Vision Quest is an excellent companion piece to his previous novels White Horse Regressions and Motherless Soul.

Two drownings occur in Lake Hopatcong within days of each other, with similar circumstances. Diane is certain the deaths of her mother and of Ryan's wife were not accidents, despite the results of the official investigation. What she doesn't suspect is that the trail to the justice she seeks runs through a past life she and her friends shared hundreds of years earlier. With the help of a hypnotist, Diane, Ryan, and Martha look into their hidden memories. They learn that they lived in a Native American village on the shores of the waters that later became the lake they love.

Oota Dabun, Diane's counterpart in her past life, always dreamed of having a vision quest, a rite normally reserved for the young men of her village. This Lenape woman reaches for her dream in an unusual and compassionate fashion which teaches Diane a great deal about the capacity of the soul they share. Diane discovers relationships as well as repeating events, both of which provide clues that might lead to the justice she's after. Along the way she learns about life, love and the strength of the human soul.

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