Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Refugee's Perspective - 25 years in the US and counting ;-)

Connecticut Commie is here. It's time for another editorial from Deplorably Yours. In less than a week I am going to celebrate 25 years of living in the US. Take a moment to pause. 25 fucking years! Can you believe that? Now, I know I like to joke about being a mail order bride and all, but the truth is, I came to this country as a refugee. As in ... "Knock, knock, let me in! There's a big bad wolf chasing me!" Gasp. That's right. That makes my support of our current President all the more reprehensible. It's like ... "How DARE you deny other people entry into this country when you're a pathetic, wet, shivering puppy yourself?"

Calm down, snowflakes. As a reminder, I personally do not deny or grant anyone entry into this country. We are all at the mercy of the consulate. Just like my family was 26 years ago, when we applied for political asylum. If the embassy officer deems your claim of discrimination and grave endangerment due to race, ethnicity, religion, etc. convincing - congratulations and welcome to America. No, this system is not perfect, and it's not always fair, but then, nothing in life is. And yes, there will be delays and setbacks. Even when you think you have all your ducks in a row, all your paperwork submitted, a minor change in the policy can upset your plans and throw you back to square one. So you're basically sitting on your bags, having sold or given away all your life's possessions, and then they tell you that your departure date has to be moved indefinitely due to some glitch in the Department of State database. And you be like ... "Whaaaat? Those bastards!"

I just wanted to take a moment to remind y'all that political asylum is not an entitlement. It's a huge undeserved favor that a country can grant an individual. American Dream is not a universal human right. America cannot possibly accommodate every struggling individual who "deserves a better life". And no, not all refugees are equally benevolent. Not all are going to assimilate well. So let's drop all that hippie fluff about us "all being human beings and wanting the same thing." We are not all the same. We do not all want the same things. There are some irreconcilable ideological differences. We do not live in a world without borders, as we do not live in homes without locks or alarm systems. Not yet. 

So, that being said ... If anyone calls you a racist, a Nazi, a fascist, a bigot, etc. don't take it to heart. Those words don't mean shit anymore. They are being thrown around like tropical Skittles. Just brush them off. Don't swallow them. Don't pollute your system with extra sugar and artificial flavors that this country is known for. Fake flavors. Fake news. God bless America!

Deplorably yours,
Connecticut Commie