Thursday, September 19, 2019

T-34 - World War II Russian Action Movie

Greetings, commies and WWII enthusiasts!

I got T-34 as a gift for my 17-year old son who is really into military history and military technology. The title of the movie is straightforward and naive - "T-34". It is what it is. The main figure in the movie is a tank. The human characters are two-dimensional pawns. Don't look for psychological complexity. They are superficially sympathetic, the good guys and the bad guys. There is just a hint of moral conflict, not enough to shift the focus away from the tank. I am not sure that all viewers will love the CGI effects, the slow-mo tank battle scenes. Anyway, we made a family movie night out of it. Turned off the lights, cuddled up on the couch with smoked Polish sausages and root beer floats. It's that kind of a movie. My son praised the structural authenticity of the tank, and that means a lot. 

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