Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Home: a compilation of religious stereotypes

Greetings, commies!

Glory to Ukraine! (First and foremost). If you want to take a break from the horrific news in the real world, consider killing 90 minutes of your time on Home, a supernatural horror flick from 2016.


Carrie, a young religious fundamentalist, must learn to overcome her own fears and believes to save her little sister from a haunted house.

My thoughts:

The makers of this C-list clearly had a crude, blatant liberal agenda. It's clear that whoever wrote the screenplay had not bothered to research contemporary Christian beliefs and practices. The protagonist, Carrie, is billed as "fundamentalist", yet she wears a cross and makes a sign of the cross - both practices more in line with Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism. It's a shame that the character is portrayed as a series of Christian cliches, including her self-righteous homophobia. At the same time, her mother and her new wife are depicted as atheists. Newsflash: not all gay couples reject religion altogether. The writing could have been much more sophisticated and nuanced, if not for those stereotypes. The manifestations of the malevolent demonic force are also rather cartoonish. A few times I caught myself laughing instead of gasping with terror. Not to spoil the ending, but the writers took away a few elements from "The Sixth Sense". If you are a film student looking for an example of lazily executed horror movie, give "Home" a go.

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