Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Peruvian au pair in Colorado - interview with Fancy Choque Zolorzano

Greetings, commies!  Meet Fancy, a beautiful, energetic and generous young woman from Cuzco, Peru.  She currently lives as an au pair in Colorado with a host family. Thank you, Fancy, for taking the time to talk about your experience in the USA and your aspirations for the future.

MJN: When did the idea of becoming an au pair occur to you?  Did you have any friends or family members who went through a similar experience?

FCZ: A long time ago I had planned to travel abroad, but the idea of ​​traveling as an au pair emerged a year ago a friend who lives in Maryland. She told me about her experience and I became captivated by the opportunities of the program.

MJN: In Peru you have all four seasons. I imagine, the winters do not get as cold as in Colorado.  Coming from a warm country, how are you adjusting to the cold weather in Colorado?

FCZ: Although my country is not as cold as here, I did not have any problems in the process of adaptation. I consider myself a flexible person. Also see snow every day is awesome, something I did not experienced before.

MJN: Your host family lives in a rural setting.  Do you enjoy the outdoors and the open space, or do you sometimes want to be in a big city with clubs, theaters and museums?

FCZ: When I look around, I keep thinking that this place is perfect for me. I enjoy every day of the snow, the cold, the sun, the very friendly people, beautiful streets. Frisco has everything to make me feel comfortable and happy.

MJN: In your letter to your host family you mention that you like riding bikes and motorcycles.  What are the safety precautions in Peru for riding a motorcycle? Do you need a driver's license? Is it mandatory to wear a helmet?

FCZ: In Peru to operate a motorcycle is necessary to have a helmet, a driver's license, ownership card, SOAT (mandatory traffic accident insurance).

MJN: Your dream is to pursue a career in hotel management or tourism.  What are some of the popular tourist spots in Peru?  Do you want to spend the rest of your life in Peru or get a job in another country? 

FCZ: My first objective is to finish my college degree and then develop tourism in areas not promoted in my country. As a point of reference, some of the popular tourist destinations are: Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Trujilo.
I'm not sure if I will spend my life in my country. I have plans to travel to other countries to learn, innovate and create future projects for the benefit of my country.

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