Saturday, September 29, 2018

When I'm With You - insecure overweight artists and gay best friends

Hello, commies!
If you are into indie flicks focusing on social justice and self pity, check out When I'm With You. I have very mixed feelings about this movie. I cannot dismiss it completely as a leftist pity party, but there's plenty of liberal propaganda in it too. Check it out. It's on Amazon prime. 

As she struggles to connect with her estranged homophobic brother and admit her true feelings for her gay best friend, artist Lea Costa sets out to unite them all as the family she never had.

My thoughts:
For an indie, this flick is not bad. I could not figure out if it was supposed to be all shaky-cam blurry. There are way too many out of focus shots. I'm not sure if all of them were done that way on purpose. Or was it because the DP could not figure out the settings on the camera? Overall decent natural acting interrupted by the pulsating in and out of focus picture. In terms of the actual plot development and themes, there is not much subtlety. An overweight, self-conscious artist in love with her gay best friend. Very clear-cut ultra left propaganda. Skinny heterosexual men are portrayed as homophobic savages. What else is new? If you can turn off the inner Republican and just watch, there are a few things about this movie you can enjoy - if you can get past the shaky cam.

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