Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saved by the Bang: a Nuclear Comedy - available in paperback

Greetings, commies!
I am pleased to inform you that my latest release, an autobiographical satire Saved by the Bang: a Nuclear Comedy is now available in paperback via Sweet Cravings Publishing.  A digital edition was made available earlier in January.  For years my valued fans have been nagging me to write something autobiographical.  I spent years researching and dramatizing the Anglo-Irish conflict. This time the setting for my novel is my native Gomel, a bustling riverfront city glowing with the fallout from the nuclear reactor.  Saved by the Bang is by far my darkest, most candid and offensive piece.

Welcome to 1980s Belarus, where Polish denim is the currency, “kike” is a pedestrian endearment, and second trimester abortion can be procured for a box of chocolates. Antonia Olenski, PhD, a catty half-Jewish pianist and leading cock tease of the Gomel Music Academy, wavers between her flamboyant composer husband Joseph and a chivalrous tenor Nicholas. The Chernobyl disaster breaks up the love triangle, forcing Antonia into evacuation in the cumbersome company of her ugly eight-year old daughter Maryana. After a summer of cruising through Crimean sanatoriums and flirting with Afghan veterans, Antonia starts pining for the intrigues and scandals of the Academy. When the queen of cats finally returns home, she finds that another woman is wearing her crown. In the afterglow of nuclear fallout, artistic, ethnic and sexual rivalries emerge. How far will Antonia go to reclaim her throne?


  1. I've become addicted to your writing style, M. And now you promise to offend me? Bring it on! :D

  2. I still owe you a Kindle gift, don't I?