Tuesday, January 5, 2016

International romance author - Melinda de Ross

Greetings, commies!
Today's guest of honor is gorgeous, daring, resilient and talented Melinda de Ross. A native of Romania, she is a journalist and graphic designer. She writes zesty, sizzling novels in various romance subgenre.

MJN: You are an international author. I've been dying to ask you about the state of the publishing industry in other countries. Do you feel that your two markets "feed" from each other?

MDR: Unfortunately, no. While a lot of worldwide literature gets translated and published here in Romania, very few Romanian authors ever make it on the international market. That is one reason why I chose to write in English and I became an international author before I was a local one. 

MJN: You have a degree in law - although it appears that your work experience is predominantly in journalism. Does your insight into the world of litigation enhance your fiction, or do you prefer to keep the two worlds separate?

MDR: Just like my career as a journalist and my other numerous activities, Law school was a great experience. I think every event – major or minor – is important and helps one develop and enhance his own conceptions, ideas, principles. My personality and each of my life experiences are almost always reflected in my writing, and I think that makes it more credible and more colorful.  

MJN: Your novella Rendezvous evolved from the heartbreak you experienced after having to give up target-shooting due to health issues. It's one of those cases of one door closing and another one opening. Fortunately, as a writer you are not hostage to tip-top physical form.

MDR: Yes, it was a rather odd irony that I had to give up something I loved to discover what I am. I say that because, although I adore target shooting, I know now I am a writer at heart. It took some heartbreak for me to discover my true vocation, but I don’t regret anything. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened in my life, because I like where I am now. I not only have a profession and a purpose, but I’m getting better at it with every book. And having a lot of fun in the process!

MJN: Your bread-and-butter is romance with paranormal elements. Can you think of any
new genre you would like to tap into?

MDR: Actually, I have already expanded my field of activity, so to speak. Now I write in two major genres: Suspense Romance (The Coriola Saga, RuinedInnocence, The Plot), and Romantic Comedy (Unabridged, and a new novel I am working on at present). I like experimenting with new genres, so I’m sure I will not limit myself to these two.

MJN: One of the services you offer is creating book trailers. Can you tell me a little bit about what goes into the art of creating an effective book trailer where the visuals, the text and the sounds work together seamlessly to entice the reader?

MDR: Yes, I make book trailers and book covers as well. Personally, I prefer creating book covers, because book trailers are much harder to make, and more time-consuming. It’s difficult to choose and coordinate all the elements you mentioned, and if the book trailer is too long, people tend to lose patience and not watch it until the end. While I will continue to do book trailers for Classy Designs, my first love remain the covers and banners.

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