Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Color of Friendship by Alireza Arteen

Greetings, commies!
I am please to introduce a gifted young author from New Jersey, Alireza Pourmanouchehri, author of a tender and lyrical short story Color of Friendship.

Hima is a girl who plays the violin. Armin is the boy who falls in love with her when he hears her play it. They get to know each other little by little, unaware that they are like two stars: affixed in the same sky, but still thousands of miles apart. Destiny doesn’t approve of their connection and pushes them away from each other. However, this nudge launches Armin on a fascinating journey that would rewrite what is written in his stars.

My thoughts
Alireza Pourmanouchehri's "Color of Friendship" has the bittersweet tenderness of Antoine Saint-ExupĂ©ry's "The Little Prince". The two characters, Armin and Hima, are two sensitive, emotionally susceptible teens from presumably affluent, educated and well-traveled Tehran families. The cultural peculiarities are quite apparent.  The two friends quote Western classics freely, the same way American teens would make pop culture references. Modern western teenagers do not talk to each other so formally. The reader also gets a sense that their dialogues take place out of time, like two souls talking to each other telepathically. I can see this story turned into a short film.

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