Friday, May 6, 2016

Into the Darkness of Daylight - an intelligent sci-fi gem by Lisa Gytri

Hello commies and lovers of sci-fi!
I am pleased to spotlight the author of the day, Lisa Gytri, a renaissance woman on so many levels: author, engineer, traveler and athlete. Today I am pleased to review her debut novel Into the Darkness of Daylight.

Jim Wells has always been haunted by telepathic messages from alien beings. When these beings attempt to come to Earth to harvest humans and process them into a special form of narcotics made from human emotions, Jim hijacks a ballistic missile to take them down. ​

After escaping into a network of caverns, Jim hides quietly away from humanity until he learns of another alien ship's impending arrival. On the Korean Peninsula, Jim will risk sparking a global war to thwart the imperialistic plans of his cosmic enemy.

My thoughts
There are so many novels on similar subjects, featuring aliens and caverns, written by far less skilled authors than Gytri. As a long-time co-editor of a speculative fiction e-zine, I have read my share of conspiracy flavored sci-fi of marginal quality that suggests that the author may have read some light fiction in the same genre but does not necessarily possess profound knowledge of science. Into the Darkness of Daylight showcases Gytri's multi-dimensional erudition. Her experience shines through in this eloquent, fast-paced masterpiece. An engineer and an avid traveler in real life, Gytri thinks like a scientist. Her diction is crisp, clear and poignant, visceral in certain places. Her genderless voice as a peculiar extraterrestrial quality. Her narrative moves swiftly across the globe. If you like the themes of 2001: Space Odyssey and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you will appreciate Into the Darkness ofDaylight - a well-oiled machine (or space ship, or a missile) on so many levels.

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