Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stiegler Artworks - unique affordable gifts inspired by Nature

Greetings, commies!
One of life's joys is meeting other commie mommies - from other states. There is so much to learn from our former countrywomen. We bring so many talents and customs from the old country. Today I wanted to share my latest discovery: a gift shop specializing in souvenirs and garments inspired by Native American and Nordic folk traditions. Irene is a fellow Eastern European mommy married to Nate Stiegler, a poet and artist. Together they run a gallery/shop. In addition to Nate's original artwork, you can find a selection of durable, unique garments and shoes made of wool. I ordered two pairs of slippers from Irene, and they arrived at my doorstep a few days later. She was extremely helpful about making suggestions about the size and the design. It's not too early to start thinking about getting holiday gifts. If your loved ones appreciate something unique, crafted with care and expertise, definitely consider ordering from Irene and Nate.

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