Thursday, November 2, 2017

PS: I Love You - Maggie Tideswell's paranormal romance

Halloween has technically passed, but there is still plenty of cheap candy and sparkles floating around. Fans of paranormal romance shouldn't miss the second installment of Maggie Tideswell's paranormal series. 

PS: I Love You is the second book in Maggie Tideswell's paranormal romance series. I first the first novel Goodbye, My Love and made an instant connection to the classic "Jane Eyre", from the grumpy, socially offensive yet sexually compelling employer (think a hotter version of Mr. Rochester), a high-maintenance special needs child and a well-meaning governess/therapist female protagonist who finds herself drawn into the family secrets. By becoming romantically involved with her employer Ben, Jess inherits a load of psychological burden. 

Any other girl would have run away screaming, but Jess seems to revel in the drama and family secrets, even the antagonism of her employer's former sisters-in-law (who somehow evoked the images of the weird sisters from "Macbeth"). Jess is the kind of girl who will do everything wrong, go against what most women would consider good judgment. Her reward? The chance to get involved in a paranormal mystery featuring her predecessor/rival Roxanne, the woman her boss/lover used to worship and had a hard time relinquishing. It's much like lurking on social media, pulling up pictures of your lover's ex.  

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