Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Cuckoo - a sex comedy set during WWII

Greetings, commies and WWII buffs!

When you think of a bawdy sex comedy, you don't immediately think of WWII as the setting, but that is exactly what "The Cuckoo" is. The action unfolds in September of 1994, shortly before Finland pulls out of the Continuation War against the Soviet Union. A solitary Sami woman, well adjusted to her surrounding and thriving in rather harsh conditions, running a reindeer farm that becomes a refuge for a Finnish sniper and a Red Army captain following a bombing raid. Three people, all speaking different languages, form a peculiar love triangle that eventually turns into a menage a trois.

The doom-and-gloom backdrop becomes a canvas for a hysterical, raunchy, irreverent sex comedy with a heart. Those of you who love "strong, independent, empowered female characters", will drool over the polyamorous Sami girl who brews herbs, talks to spirits and uses several men to satisfy her carnal desires. The two soldiers temporarily forget the fact that they are enemies and become rivals for the privilege to roll with her on deer skin. Here is the bummer. This film is really hard to find.  Neither Netflix nor Amazon have it. I found it on a Russian site without subtitles. I hope this gem becomes available to English speaking audiences.

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