Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Look Away - a teen horror flick a cut above the rest

Greetings, commies!

If you are craving a teen horror flick one cut above the rest, consider Look Away. Maria, an alienated high-school student has her life turned upside down when she switches places with her sinister mirror image.

My thoughts:

Here is a teen-centered horror movie that doesn't actually insult the viewer's intelligence with jump scares and toilet humor. You will see some familiar horror staples. They mystical properties of the mirror have been explored in cinema before. And yes, you will find elements of Stephen King's "Carrie", but then, you can expect that from any movie about a high school outcast. The leading actress, who was in her mid-twenties when the movie was filmed, pulls off a high-schooler convincingly. An old soul trapped in a child's body - that works well for her character. The premise of the movie really made me think that we all have a dark twin living inside of us. You may not be tempted to sleep with the lights on after watching this movie, but you will certainly spend a few extra seconds staring at your reflection, wondering who's on the other side.

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