Saturday, November 13, 2021

"Belzebuth": a gem of Mexican horror

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Halloween is over, but it doesn't mean that you should stop watching horror flicks. Consider signing up for Shudder on Amazon. Today I would like to share "Belzebuth", a gem of Mexican horror. Warning, if you are triggered by cruelty to children, you may rethink watching this film.


The story begins in a hospital with detective Emmanuel Ritter and his wife celebrating the birth of their baby. When Ritter receives a call from his office, he leaves and a nurse takes the baby to the nursery. The nurse locks the nursery door, takes out a scalpel, and starts to stab Ritter's baby and other infants in the nursery. Before anyone can break into the nursery, the nurse has killed all the newborns and slit her own throat.

Many years later, Ritter remains traumatized and emotionally distant, unable to process the death of his son. At work, he learns of a mass shooting at an elementary school. This turns out to be only one of a series of gruesome massacres in the area. Ritter embarks on a paranormal investigation, looking for an excommunicated priest and trying to find the evil force responsible for the shocking incidents.

My thoughts

I have only recently discovered the delectable world of Latin American horror films. "Belzebuth" pulls no punches and cuts no corners. There are certain subjects US directors will not touch for fear of offending the audiences that are used to jump scares and cliches. I have a pretty thick skin and a strong stomach, but some of the scenes left me gasping for air. Rarely do you get a horror film with strong Biblical themes tied to demonology. There are horror movies about religion, and there are horror movies about demons, but rarely do you get such an effective and disturbing weaving of the two. So, if you are find yourself underwhelmed by the mainstream American movies, give "Belzebuth" a chance. It's both sickening and intellectually stimulating, tapping into the para-Biblical mythology. 

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