Friday, June 2, 2023

Devil's Pond: how to spot a sociopath 101

Greetings, commies!

Summer is here. Time for spur of the moment hookups, impromptu weddings and wilderness honeymoons! Before you get away with your new "soulmate", check out Devil's Pond, a cautionary tale. 

How to spot a sociopath partner 101. I know Tara Reed gets a bad rep as an actress, but in this movie she actually does a decent job portraying a range of emotions. At some point you forget that the actress is well ... the infamous Tara Reed. She is not half bad when given a decent script. The movie is a fairly convincing allegory of the abuse cycle. If your partner tries to isolate you from your past, from your biological family, friends and social circle, it should come up as a red flag. Most women in such toxic relationships are not physically trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere, though it may feel that way.

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