Friday, December 9, 2016

Case White - Thomas Sullivan's nightmarish gem (think Anthony Burgess and Umberto Eco)

Greetings, commies!
If you are looking for something a few notches above Dan Brown, consider picking up Thomas Sullivan's recent re-release CASE WHITE.

Editorial note:
No work of fiction or nonfiction has done what CASE WHITE does in this monumental new novel by USA Today Best-selling author Thomas Sullivan. Set in the era of two world wars, this comprehensive work weaves together the bizarre mythology and eccentric beliefs that explain how a nation went insane for 12 years. Told through the compelling lives and loves of a pair of very unique characters, this tour de force will take you into a radical blend of religion and myth frighteningly similar to what is going on in parts of the world today. Certain to be a benchmark work of elegantly written fiction and historical perspective, CASE WHITE delivers a poignant people story played out on a grand stage.

My thoughts:
With Anthony Burgess and Umberto Eco gone, there is a considerable gap in world literature that needs to be filled. Dan Brown is a sorry band-aid solution. For the fans of erudite, complex, cryptic fiction that is loaded with esoteric references and challenges every brain cell, there is Thomas Sullivan, a Pulitzer Prize nominee. Having made a name for himself before the digital era, he is making a comeback. If you had not discovered him in the 80s and 90s (back when people had stronger stomachs, longer attention spans and more vivid imaginations) this is your chance to become acquainted with his marvelous work. Set between the two world wars, "Case White" is a nightmarish tale of obsession. His usage of first person omniscient narrator and present tense enhances the eerie noir ambiance. Who is that nameless omniscient narrator that seems to get into every character's head? Is he God or the Devil? If you pick up "Case White", you will not be sorry. But prepare to engage all your brain cells. This is not a light read.

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