Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Safe Space" theme party - comfort food suggestions

Greetings, commies!
To show that we, GOP supporters are capable of compassion and concern for our fellow Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, sexual orientation or religious conviction, I am planning a very special "safe space" party to be hosted chez moi, at Chateau Neary in early 2017 to coincide with the inauguration ceremony. I am thinking of decorating my house with rainbow flags, balloons and pictures of kittens. I need a selection of non-threatening, non-allergenic treats that will not trigger a panic attack in anyone or send anyone to the emergency room with a violent allergic reaction. I welcome your suggestions. Please e-mail me or send me private messages on Facebook. Let's kickoff 2017 with a bang and make America great again!

Deplorably yours,
--Connecticut Commie

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