Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tired of tormented Eurotrashy vampires?

There is a non-tormented, self-deprecating, career-oriented vampire next door.  He's a licensed psychiatrist and has excellent bedside manners. Written by a talented British author Sonnet O'Dell, Whispers In a Dead Man's Ear is a delightfully irreverent piece lampoons pop culture's obsession with vampires, down-your-throat political correctness (vampires being the new minority), as well as the ridiculous affectations of the mental health field. Enter the world where vampires are a protected minority group, and vampire-human romantic relationships are no more controversial than interracial ones. There are just a few rules to be observed - and broken. I have not laughed like this for a long time. This is truly, a gem of biting satire. Pun intended!

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